viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010


Four days before departure and to walk through the latvian streets in order to let us feel them at least for two minutes. As long as two minutes would be something. They minutes made them entrance, we were finally feeling.
We were silently walking those streets, have been euphorically speaking during lunch about the idea of going directly to the beach in the first minute we reached land and picked our luggage back to our previous reality. No notice to any family nor friends, we would go to it directly, a beach that was already expecting for us in our minds, it, already ours. Newly renewed. Only after that we would decide how to continue, but not without the baptism. Without the baptism, in our heads, none of any other whatever to happen would be able to be pure, like we have known it before.
It was an irregular squawking what was sounding in through the Latvian air and crushing in the four of our foreigner ears. It seemed to us like different birds from distant locations recognized themselves and maybe they were also calling all the raven population for something like the other cloud that day of the terrace episode.
Silence was interrupted all of a sudden, he asked about it. About the squawking that I guess I was trying to ignore for the last thirty seconds twenty steps. Then I told him I did because I was already aware of it. The audible mess of the birds forcing all the people outside to be part of it continue all the way to the apartment.
Once we finally entered the hall; Anthony managed itself with three jumps and some very agitated mutilated wing moves to reach his head, it took me a while to stop laughing because of the really funny expresion in the face, even my stomach and some muscles around my mandibule hurted. Then he laughed too, but wanted it to get down, no way it would, and then we were all laughing again, I felt even Anthony was and furiously.
Then I told him to let the bird stay in his head and he did but said that its little claws were kind of nailing with anger. Later the standing in the head bird was forgotten and we saw a film in my computer. It was exactly what we wanted to see, the girl is finally brave and tells him no way then goes back with the silly at first but that truly cares about her guy. Movie was off then lights on, and Anthony was still standing like a statue with such a look in my frind's head, made me feel awkward.

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