domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010


That one day that I didn’t feel that fond of the bird. We went out to the cinema and then we talked and he said he was ok with our crow and that it was only another one week till we would be taking off. I was really happy about it all, the day, its sun and wind and the pavement and him walking by my side leaving the old pavement behind.
Then, we said intrij, a fast almost mechanic intrij. And walking fast and thinking fast. Going left the corner fast when he realized we should come back to the grocery because we were running out of coffee and don’t remember what other ingredient for our meal that night.
I waited outside alone and the fat man wasn’t there, suddenly the idea of leaving the city felt to me like deeply rare, I mean, my bird was in the city.
But it was nice to continue with the good vibe. We were so gaily moving in the apartment, I put some bebop and he cooked and Anthony was there in the kitchen and they were again making the looking at each other straight in the eyes thing and it felt like we had a party going on.

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