martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


We were finally asleep when it started in crescendo, the sound of the squawking crows once again. This time it seemed product of a group of them moving together homogeneously like a cloud. According as it got louder and more intense, it gave the impression they were getting closer and then flying around the building, around us. It seemed every time they turned the building more crows joined the cloud.
In the dark night appeared the darker cloud from the left of the window to disappear by its right. Each time they faded we looked at each other hoping they would continue they way somewhere else. We were starting to get it personal. Since three twenty till three forty lasted the crow crowd cloud reunion around the building and during that time we stayed stale in bed waiting for them to proceed and get to their end, as soon as he stood up and walked to the window then leaned to see, a bird flew in direction to his head and crushed our window. Just like in the movie, some of them followed and also crushed our window.
I was closing the blinds when we heard the glasses of the windows in the kitchen and in the hall, breaking. The kitchen had no blinds. I ran to close the door of the bedroom and then we both stayed sit in the pedestal table hugging in our last hug. I believed he felt asleep but it was all of sudden like a faint but a self inflicted one. I do not remember how long we stayed like that till the crows left I could already hear the neihgbours instead of them. They sounded astonished. I woke him up and we decided that that was a reality to face the following morning and went to bed.

The following morning I woke up and he didn’t. He was dead no doubts about it
I decided to stay in Latvia in the same apartment and with Anthony as my only company from then on and ever. In some way he reminded me of him. There is nothing more I could say. I got involved in something I realize too late it was wrong or maybe strong.

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